Accessories That Will Make Your RV Trip More Comfortable

Posted on: 20 April 2022

Whether you're renting an RV for a road trip or you own your own recreational vehicle, there are accessories that will make your getaway more comfortable and enjoyable. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get these beneficial items.

If you love the idea of camping and spending time outdoors, but prefer sleeping indoors rather than under the open sky, an RV may be the solution. You'll still reap the benefits of an outdoor vacation, such as lake and hiking trail access, campfires and other campground amenities, but have the comfort of sleeping on a bed at night.

Most RVs come with a variety of items that will make your life on the road easier, such as a stove, a mini refrigerator, a bathroom, built-ins such as a bed, a couch and a kitchen table, and a TV. There are a variety of other non-basic items available, however, that can enhance your trip. You can find and purchase these items at either a sporting goods store, or online. 

Here are some of the RV and camping accessories to consider investing in: 

1. Air Conditioning Units 

If you plan on taking a lot of summer road trips, an air conditioning unit may be worth the investment. During the hottest times of the year, a basic fan may not be enough to keep your RV cool. An air conditioner will help you cool down in between daytime activities, and sleep more comfortably at night. It will also help keep humidity levels inside the vehicle down. 

The units typically attach the the RV's roof, and operate from a generator. There are several different levels of BTUs available, depending on your budget and how much cooling capacity you desire.

2. Tabletop Griddle 

Although some RVs feature small kitchens, the burners may not be large enough to accommodate a griddle. You can purchase a table top griddle to make pancakes, waffles, fried potatoes and either hamburgers and hot dogs in the comfort of your RV. 

Look for a stainless steel griddle for long-lasting durability, especially since it may be subjected to the elements. Table top griddles typically run on propane, so make sure you bring enough on your trip.

3. Storage and Organizational Items 

Since RV space is limited, use a variety of storage and organizational items to fully optimize the room you have. Some RV accessories to consider include over-the-door shoe organizers, over-the-cabinet silverware and spice racks, collapsible laundry hampers and ottomans that work double duty as seating elements and storage bins. 


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