Benefits Of Renting A Camper Van

Posted on: 23 November 2022

You might consider renting a camper van when you want to go on a road trip or visit somewhere new, and it's a great option. You won't have to worry about booking hotel rooms, and you can drive it almost anywhere. Here are some of the benefits of renting a camper van on your next trip.

Compact Version of an RV

Think about all the great benefits of renting an RV, and you can apply most of those advantages to a camper van, except it's more compact. If you're traveling with five other friends or family members, an RV might be necessary, but for couples or small groups, a camper van might be all you need.

Easy to Drive

One of the advantages of camper vans over larger campers is their smaller size. It makes it easier to maneuver them through crowded cities and other areas that might be difficult to get around. They're about the same size as regular vans, so if you can drive one of those, you'll have no problem driving a camper van.

Easy to Park

Driving around isn't the only difficult thing when renting a large camper or RV; it's also hard to find parking. A camper van will fit in most standard parking spots, so you can quickly stop at restaurants, stores, rest areas, etc., without stressing about where you're going to park. You can also park closer to your destination because large trucks and campers typically need to park along parking lot edges so they don't block traffic. 


Renting a camper van is much more affordable than larger alternatives like RVs. If you want to explore an area in a vehicle that also provides you with the comforts of home, you usually need to spend a lot of money. Because camper vans are smaller and made from traditional vans, you can usually rent one for a fair price compared to the alternative options. 

Cheaper Gas than an RV

Aside from their lower rental price, camper vans are also less expensive to fuel than larger campers. Since they're smaller and weigh much less, they don't require as much fuel to operate. 

No Hotels

A camper van is like a bedroom on wheels, so renting one will allow you to travel without staying at hotels. Instead, you could find a safe, legal spot to park it and sleep there. Most camper vans have toilets, showers, beds, stovetops, etc., so you'll have all you need to live comfortably during your trip.

For more information on a camper van rental, contact a company near you.


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