Getting Sporting Goods For A Camping Trip

Posted on: 3 April 2023

When you think of sporting goods, you might imagine footballs, volleyball nets, basketball hoops, etc., but the term actually refers to a wider variety of things. Any items related to sports, the outdoors, healthy activities, etc., are covered by the term. That's why when you visit a sporting goods store, you'll often see everything from guns to treadmills. 

If you're going on a camping trip, you can get everything you need for your trip from a sporting goods store. That's because camping is an outdoor activity, and is related to fishing, hunting, and hiking. 

If you're wondering what sporting goods you might need for your camping trip, consider the following:


The most important thing to have when you go camping is a place to sleep that will help you escape the wind, precipitation, and bugs. The most common choice for a camp shelter is a tent, which you can get at any sporting goods store. They come in many sizes and different levels of durability, and have different features that you may or may not want to have based on the details of your trip.

Sleep Gear

Unless you plan on sleeping on the tent floor, which some don't even have, you'll also need to purchase some sleep gear. Sporting goods stores will have many options for that, including cots, inflatable mattresses, hammocks, sleeping bags, thermal blankets, etc. 

Cooking Supplies

Most campsites won't have a kitchen for you to use to cook your meals, so you'll need to buy some basic camp cooking supplies. Sporting goods stores will have portable propane stoves, cooking racks you can place over a campfire, etc., so you can cook during your trip. You'll also be able to get non-perishable meals, cooking utensils, pans, etc.

First-Aid Kit

When you go camping, you're usually in a location that's not easy to get out of quickly in an emergency—especially if you're injured. You should always bring a good first-aid kit—which you can get at a sporting goods store—because there may not be anyone out there to help, and you'll wish you had access to some supplies. They can be used for minor injuries, and if you're more seriously injured, the supplies may make it easier for you to patch yourself up until you can get actual medical help.

Fishing and Hunting Supplies

What do most people do when they go camping? Oftentimes, you either hunt, go fishing, or both. You can find everything you need for those activities at a sporting goods store, from guns and ammunition to fishing poles and bait.


Camping: It's About Being Human

So often, life requires us to disconnect from what makes us feel human. We have to ignore our desire for quiet and learn to sleep amidst the noise of the city. We have to ignore our want to be out in nature and instead spend hours indoors. Camping is a way to escape this. It's a way to rediscover what it means to be human — to sleep out in nature, forage for food, and cook your own dinner with nothing but a fire. We love writing about camping because it brings joy to so many people. We hope what we write brings joy to you, too.